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Title: No matter how beautiful the individual may be and become, we cannot hold them in any way. All we can do is let them fly free.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Rumi's attributed photo (Photo credit: Eliza_Tasbihi ) The mistake that most make is they are unwilling to let go. They access the ...
Rumi's attributed photo
Rumi's attributed photo (Photo credit: Eliza_Tasbihi)
The mistake that most make is they are unwilling to let go. They access the most beautiful thing they can every experience, a free creative spirit, but they cannot hold it. They must allow it to fly free. That is the real issue everyone faces. The most beautiful thing they help create must be totally free to become what it needs to become.
The goal is to awaken shams consciousness to create the Rumis of the world. It is to call forththat Rumi within each to go into the world,. It is to see a world full of Rumis living their heart. For that to happen takes a lot of Shams. The challenge is to do the work to create those Rumi is to face the challenge of dying before we die. Simply said, we must face death in several ways. A death as to who an what we want and expect and a death to what we desire to hold.
This is hard for the ego to take. But we need to look at the Shams Rumi story. Shams eventually disappeared from Rumi's life after Rumi’s transformation. Shams was never really acceptable to the world. But Rumi was. We need to realize in that to become Shams for another, we will never get the recognition and accolades desired by the ego. But again, it is not about literally leaving the life of another. It is to not hold on to the other but allow them to fly free in whatever way they need to fly.
There is always a death to be faced both within the individual creating the space for another and a death of the individual releasing their creative spirit. As a Shams Consciousness it means continually dying to what needs to be done for the creative spirit of another to be released. Additionally, we need to be willing to leave their life so they can be about their way. It is very hard to birth a beautiful creative spirit of the heart and have it fly away. But then that is what the work is about. We need to remember, awakening Shams Consciousness is to awaken something so profound we are willing to give our life to share it and give it to someone. When we give it away, we can’t hold onto it or what it causes to unfold.
Quite simply, when we access what lies at the Source of Creation, we must be willing to die in some way. To think we can remain the same is foolish. The Source knows no forms and no boundaries. To experience it is to shatter who and what we think and believe. To become a channel or conduit of the Source for other will require a death on our part in some way. It will cost us our life in some way. If we are not willing to undergo the required death, we block we what desire to bring forth.
Awakening Shams Consciousness is ultimately it is about learning to become phoenix and stepping through the fear of death. It is to understand our energy and consciousness will never die but only transform into a new and different form. To awaken Shams Consciousness within us, we do not have to physically die. But we must be willing to find the truth of our own beingwhatever the cost. To awaken Shams Consciousness is to die before we die. We must face the a death as to who an what we want and expect
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