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Title: Many only stumble into an awareness of the Source of Creation;
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Out of body experience (Photo credit: Wikipedia )  Awaken to their true creative power; and/or awaken to an awareness that they are n...
Out of body experience
Out of body experience (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 Awaken to their true creative power; and/or awaken to an awareness that they are not the experiences they have but the creator of those experiences; only after intense pain. However it is clear, this need not be the case. It ispossible to create a gentle phoenix for any creative endeavor we wish to undertake. In this regard, we can create a gentle phoenix to experience the Source of Creation and/or awaken and call forth the creative spirit within our own being or that of another.

To create that gentle phoenix we need to be willing to become the embodiment of the principles as to how the inner world is reflected in the outer. We need to see how what we think and believe is creating the experiences we have. We need to give ourselves permission and the safe and secure space within our own being to enter our creative imagination  and explore options. If we do not have the freedom within our own being to explore options, we will never find the freedom in our external world to do what we need to do to create that gentle phoenix. We need to look to see where we do and do not hold our own creativity sacred.

In creating this within, we will find ourselves desiring to share what we find with another. It is in this deep feeling and desire to share we stand at a cross road. In one direction we can look into the Source of Creation. In the other direction we look into Creation and the desire of theconsciousness within, or behind, Creation to share itself. In experiencing this desire we will be the embodiment of the principles necessary to create the space for another to do what they need to do at each and every level of their being to be able to return to a state of creative play to experience the freedom of their own creative spirit. In doing so, we can bring these inner transformation out into the world and sustain them. In doing so, we change the world.
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