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Title: Justifying our own bullshit is not what the co-founders had in mind when they wrote of tolerance.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Replacing program based, altruistic action with the intellectual trap of spiritual ideas, spiritual learning, study and spiritual postur...
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Replacing program based, altruistic action with the intellectual trap of spiritual ideas, spiritual learning, study and spiritual posturing before our fellows digs us deeper into the rift. Practicing these principles in most of our affairs is a far cry from “all of our affairs.”The self-serving addendum “to the best of my ability” is exposed for the cop-out that it is while life on life’s terms fails to be the effective axiom we had once hoped.

But we do not know how to meditate properly. No one has shown us the ancient spiritual technique for expanding communication with God or they have shown us techniques which have only pulled us further away from our Creator. What to do? . . . . What to do?
So now the hunt is on. We begin investigating by sniffing around the internet. Maybe some books. Chances are you already know some people who have told you about some form of meditation practice – perhaps some controlled thinking practice or focused breathing techniques ,designed to bring about a relaxed state and feeling of comfort. These can be tempting – some of the folks who practice them seem to be doing well with them so far. They seem to have reaped some benefit.

Still there is a certain discomfort with getting involved in some new religious practice or pseudo-spiritual philosophy. After all, this Twelve Step stuff had been drastic and new enough, representing such a major change in lifestyle that the last thing we are looking to do is become involved in something even more radical.
There is no shortage of ‘meditation’s out there. Most of them attempt to mix Judeo-Christianity principles with those stemming out of the injuriously opposing philosophies found in pantheism.

This is known as syncretism. It is a dangerous phenomenon that has been observed for years.

The typical self-help, spiritual guru - as seen selling their wares on PBS - or who has written the latest Oprah approved best seller is like a Good Humor man offering different flavors of the same ice-cream.

Most of these New Thought and New Age inspired variants carry a single message. They tell us that we have the power to change ourselves. They tell us that if we are in pain, if we are stuck and can't seem to change, it is no one's fault but our own. “So, here is a new ‘system’ that will empower you and allow you to get the things you want out of life.

“Just follow the directions in this book or attend these seminars and you can be what you want to be and get what you want to get” they say.

Many such materials falling under the heading of spirituality are actually foils - diversions - eventually resulting in an introduction to a pantheistic, polytheist religions. Seekers often do not realize they are being pulled away from the base spiritual principles that saved them until life falls apart and it is too late. They slide down the unhappy slope of mental and physical dysfunction holding on to their yoga mats for dear life, smiling all the way. Its sneaky. Its intentional. People fall for it all the time.
The Twelve Step proposition assumes a distinctly opposing perspective. It suggests that if you are in pain, if you are stuck and can’t seem to change –the only solution is to stop trying. There is something in all of us (ego) that thinks it has the power to change and install our own happiness. Only by separating from that willful self can there ever be any true change. 

 The meditation proposed on this site is a tool that helps one experience that separation from self. It falls into the category of ‘willful’ activities we can do that is the proper use of will. This concept is very compatible with the Twelve Step Principles regarding human will and will be a refreshing and welcomed idea to any ardent practitioner of the Twelve Step design for living.
Many well intentioned, searching individuals in Twelve Step fellowships end up assembling an internalized menu of clashing supplementary practices gleaned out of diverse religious traditions that are supposed to help them move towards a universal spirituality. 

The philosophies run counter the monotheistic Judeo-Christian Principles of the Twelve Steps. By attempting to mix spiritual oil and water in this fashion, conflicting polytheistic practices and theories, while impressive intellectually, can be very confusing - even as one earnestly seeks to increase conscious contact with God. Instead they increase conscious contact with a multitude of imaginary ‘gods' - in some instances even one’s own 'self' as God. (This is a basic tenet of most Pantheistic religions)

The ‘figure-heads’ of such movements become a stand-in for God; inferior, substitute providers of wisdom, guidance and direction. We become dependent upon the pity quotes, then blissful extravagance of spiritually enlightening ideas presented by spiritual personalities who replace our direct link with God with their special brand of mysticism. They rob us of developing our own conscious contact with god so that we can gleam their conscious contact, frequently for a fee or adoration. Often both. Beware of the media gurus.

What about the originators of the Twelve Step practice – the co-founders of “Alcoholics Anonymous”. A fair question is, “Exactly how did our co-founders go about it?” 
Seriously, think about it. I mean if Bill W or Doctor Bob had a specific mediation technique that worked for them how cool would it be to learn that? Sadly there is only little information available out there in this regard. There is some mention in the annals of AA history about AA’s and meditation but woefully little. Dick B. (Richard Burns) has written extensively on the subject and I suggest that you see what he has discovered about the history of meditation practiced by the early Twelve Step practitioners too. 

It should be remembered that the “Alcoholics Anonymous” presentation of spiritual method was still in its infancy - its alcoholic practitioners still toddlers attending their spiritual kindergarten.
It was discovered, adopted and practiced by alcoholics who had a spiritual awakening as the result and experienced a subsequent recovery from alcoholism – but they were also people who had just come out of a lifetime of running away from God – not seeking Him! They were typical alcoholics, who had just recently escaped out of a sick, delusional and spiritually void world that had no tolerance for conscious contact with any God at all. They had just first climbed out of the pits of alcoholic despair and misery.
Although they may have been relieved of the alcoholic obsession many still suffered from other obsessions besides the infamous first drink mental insanity. Symptoms like anxiety ,depression, broken relationships, sex addictions and emotionally induced physical illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes persisted. An uncanny percentage of the original one hundred co-founders later relapsed. Even more alarming is the number of them who committed suicide – and that was after spiritually awakening.
These are very common symptoms of the ‘dry’ yet still spiritually dysfunctional human being. So is the excuse making for all of it. They continue to smoke, overeat, and self-administer drugs like caffeine, nicotine and even obtain prescriptions of dangerous antidepressants just to get by. That is because ALL their problems have not been answered; and that is because they don’t actually follow the full spiritual package prescribed by their own Twelve Step program. How could they? It has been left out of the Twelve Steps. 

The mediation on this site completes the Twelve Step practice. It is a practice that is the missing link to increasing conscious contact with God that even Bill W and Dr Bob did not discover in their lifetimes. It wasn't time.If now is your time, please feel free to download and use it. If you do, and if earnestly done you will be very glad that you did.
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