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Title: Higher Power Each radioactive atom has its own half life
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Atom Zombie Smasher - cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Each   radioactive atom  has its own half life, but which atom is going to radia...
Atom Zombie Smasher - cover
Atom Zombie Smasher - cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Each radioactive atom has its own half life, but which atom is going to radiate next, is utterly and forever indeterminate – i.e. we have no way of knowing. once the atom had been split, another source of irreducible ignorance emerged. We all now know that a radioactive atom has a half life – half of all the atoms will have radiated in that time span. The problem is no one can ever tell you which atom is going to radiate next – we may all agree that by the end of the half-life, half of them will have done so – but the order in which they ‘go’ is utterly, indelibly, and forever indeterminate. For a given atom, we simply have no way of knowing when. And if you judge that a statistical ‘average’ will satisfy, then you have yet to attend an oncology clinic.
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