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Title: Higher Power Dark Matter and Dark Energy constitute the vast majority of our cosmos.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Dark Energy is Stifling the Universe! (Chandra, 12/16/08) (Photo credit: NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center ) Dark Matter and Dark Ener...
Dark Energy is Stifling the Universe! (Chandra...
Dark Energy is Stifling the Universe! (Chandra, 12/16/08) (Photo credit: NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center)

Dark Matter and Dark Energy constitute the vast majority of our cosmos.  We could be full of them, with no conceivable  way of telling if we were. dark matter and dark energy. Our mathematical calculations of what our cosmos contains has holes. These discrepancies have been filled, usefully or otherwise by a notional matter and a notional energy that we have no understanding of. We have no contact with it, and no knowledge of it. We could each of us be full of it, or partially filled on the nano scale. We have absolutely no conceivable way of knowing – and Plank’s space is awfully small. Which is really rather the point of the Certainty Principle – somethings are utterly unknowable – explore them as best we may, but acknowledge the paucity of our tools of understanding, so as to make better use of the mysterious but marginally more understandable items available to us, among which I include consciousness. The rest, to deploy an appropriate Greek term, is hubris. Related articles

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