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Glitter and Trauma (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) The key to unravelling addiction is understanding trauma.  The human mind is peculiar...
Glitter and Trauma
Glitter and Trauma (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The key to unravelling addiction is understanding trauma.  The human mind is peculiarly vulnerable to trauma, especially when young – a sense of fear of impending doom is induced which turns cognition off.  Cognition ceases.  The mind is ‘ill’.  It pays the child not to know what is happening, or who is doing what, to him or her.  This is described as ‘denial’ the upshot is that the child daren’t look, so cannot see.  Repeat, DAREN’T LOOK, SO CANNOT SEE.  The child works on the malperception that “full cognition or visualisation of this event is TERMINAL”.  And once the child stops seeing, and this can happen quite suddenly especially pre-verbally, then they are thereafter incapable of telling whether or not the trauma has stopped.  “This isn’t happening to me” leads inexorably to the inability to say or think or believe that “this has stopped happening to me” – or even very clearly what “this” is.This fact is mitigated by the introduction of a drug of choice that medicates the trauma, for a period of time it self medicates the problem releaving the symptoms of the trauma wether real or imagined.
 The only remedy against the pain of abuse, is to ‘have it NOT happen’ – so woe betide those who wish, prematurely, to prove that it did.  Sadly this ‘remedy’ of ‘daren’t look, so cannot see’ which was the only one available to any small infant, is now precisely what gums things up in adulthood.

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