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Title: And here is the Principal and Promises of Recovery
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Got a set of ping pong balls in for a project. Had to play with them before anything else (Photo credit: Wikipedia )  In working thou...
Got a set of ping pong balls in for a project....
Got a set of ping pong balls in for a project. Had to play with them before anything else (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 In working thoughly the twelve step program– I can decide to be consistent, or at least as consistent as I am capable of being – I can decide to be constant, I can elect to be Trustworthy, such that what I say is as near the Truth as I can make it. I can choose to be reliable and responsible, I can aspire to provide certainty and hence reliability in my immediate vicinity. I don’t do this because I am forced, or coerced, I do it because I Consent to do so. I volunteer it, I select it from the infinite range of options available to me, through the astonishing facilities afforded by living cells, especially those within my cranium. I will never know how I do this, but I am well aware both that I can and what it is for. 

Now if I can do this, then so can you. And if we all do it together, then we can begin to organise an area of certainty. Limitations will apply, they always do – but the fact that it can occur at all in our otherwise disastrously chaotic cosmos is itself part of the miracle of life. And occur it certainly can. I like to think that the writer of Leviticus (chapter 19, verse 18) had this in mind when he advised us to love our neighbour as ourselves – but I’m open to other interpretations on this point.
Perhaps a graphic picture might help. Imagine a ping pong ball suspended atop a water fountain. The ball jiggles about, the water is constantly changing, while forever pushing upwards – but there is a clear element of stability, of certainty, despite all the splashings to the contrary. And this is what consciousness is really about, this is the aspiration towards which all humanity is moved. We all crave security, stability and peace of mind – and here, by delving into what living processes can do, and deflecting attention from their origins and what they ‘really’ are, we can see that it does come about, that it is real, rational, and what’s more, healthier. The more streams of ‘intent’ and consent, the greater the stability.

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