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Title: All alcoholics become ill exactly this way;
Author: Fraser Trevor
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alcoholism (Photo credit: JoeBenjamin ) All alcoholics become ill exactly this way; all food addicts, drug addicts, sex addicts - an...
alcoholism (Photo credit: JoeBenjamin)

All alcoholics become ill exactly this way; all food addicts, drug addicts, sex addicts - any obsessive behavior and inclination, each one (Be honest now. You know that alcohol isn’t your only vice) all began having the same originating cause:  Resentment. That displeasure that arises out of experiencing injustice, cruelty, wrong doing – yours or another’s, sometimes mild sometimes overwhelming, justifiable or  not. It’s that electric buzz of  indignation and ill will  mingled with contempt or disgust  that judges, damming others to hell.
There has never been a single exception to this—not since the first grape turned bad, and the caveman farmer drank its juice, rolled his eyes up into his head, and said, “Ahhhh.” 
Once the alcoholic sees why it is that he became one, that alcoholism has been the least of his issues, only a symptom of his real problem just outlined, he can yield to the gravity of his situation, gently compelled toward accepting a new lifestyle as a changed person. What moves him is a goodly pressure.
He can allow a new attitude in his thinking to prevail. It is an outlook that comes upon him, not only bringing him to a full recovery but also allowing for the struggle-free maintenance of an anger-free, spiritual condition sufficient to stave off virtually any attack on his spiritual psyche that comes along.

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