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Title: Addiction develops in a misguided attempt to balance out neurotransmitters.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Synaptical transmission (chemical). A: Neuron (Presynaptic) B: Neuron (Postsynaptic) Mitochondria Synaptic vesicle full of neurotransmitt...
Synaptical transmission (chemical). A: Neuron ...
Synaptical transmission (chemical). A: Neuron (Presynaptic) B: Neuron (Postsynaptic) Mitochondria Synaptic vesicle full of neurotransmitter Autoreceptor Synaptic cleft Neurotransmitter receptor Calcium Channel Fused vesicle releasing neurotransmitter Neurotransmitter re-uptake pump (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 We turn to drugs and alcohol because they give us a boost in the neurotransmitters. Drugs and alcohol provide a temporary fix -- the make us feel better briefly -- but ultimately they damage the neurotransmitters even more and much more severely. The longer you continue to use drugs and alcohol, the more damage that is done. The more damage that is done, the more symptoms and misery that build and more relief is needed. Thus the vicious cycle is set into motion.
After extended alcohol or drug usage, the neurotransmitters have been damaged extensively and the brain no longer functions adequately. When you give up the drugs and alcohol, not only do the excessive levels of neurotransmitters disappear, but now you actually have less than you did before. The brain no longer releases enough of them to perform its job and remember the neurotransmitters have the job of making you feel good, regulating your mood states, pain and stress. Without adequate neurotransmitters you don't feel normal, pleasure or happy.
To stop this roller coaster ride, all behaviors that effect the neurotransmitters negatively must be eliminated. Excessive stimulation of the reward pathway in the brain must stop. The brain must become accustomed to normal levels again, so receptor sites can normalize. So that means you can't ingest or consume any substance that excessively stimulate neurotransmitters and the reward pathway.
It takes time for the neurotransmitters to adjust and balance out. If you continue to eat sugar and other refined foods, consume caffeine, smoke nicotine and be exposed to high levels of environmental toxins your neurotransmitters can never recover and normalize. These substances continue to provide excessive stimulation to neurotransmitters and the reward pathway and perpetuate the physiological process of alcohol addiction.
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