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Fraser Trevor Fraser Trevor Author
Title: Who am I?
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Within me there are hidden a whole bunch of people looking through my eyes - sometimes with a blink of smile sometimes with some sadness - b...
Within me there are hidden a whole bunch of people
looking through my eyes - sometimes with a blink of smile
sometimes with some sadness -
by repeating old encounters working through knotted dependencies
and still not coming together Through the long chain of incarnations the spiral comes nearer to the center
nothing is lost, all links are present:
The Russian musician, singer, dancer, actor, - surrendering
    • The proud and desperate red Indian, - giving up
      The wise Egyptian priest and temple builder, - piercing through limits
      The buddhist tantra monk, - lost in love affairs with temple dancers
      There is the laughing zen priest, the alert samurai
      the silent Tibetan, the artistic Persian,
      and many more.
      The fighter, the wise, the desperate, the lonely, -
      the one who gave up, the one who stood up, the one who loved -
      again and again and again. -
      Going forward with the push of all of them behind -
      the pull to complete, to fulfill, to realize the core within.
      But then, who am I now, the visible in this present body?
      I am just a simple man:
      Who is washing his dishes, sweeping the floor,
      feeding dogs, cats, horse and chickens, watering plants,
      building a stonewall, repairing a motor, -
      writing a poem, watching the clouds, waking through the rain,
      sitting under a fig tree -listening to the silence within,
      being aware of motion-triggering in daily life.
      Trusting that the right event appears in the right moment.
      Being aware of what is offered, enjoying being alive.
      Going the pathless path, receiving by allowing, opening, loving.
      I am as well:
      A hard working mole in the earth
      an irrational clown in the clouds
      an emotional fire spitting vulcan
      a crazy rider in the full moon night
      a happy child with a toy
      a samurai-sword-sharp decider
      an incorruptible defender of truth
      a white falcon in the sun...
      Sometimes stubborn, relentless, too intense, impatient
      Sometimes feeling lonely, -
      longing for togetherness,
      sharing meals, feelings, thoughts, -
      tears and laughter -
      going into spaceless space
      Sometimes longing for love -
      longing for the one to give my love,-
      the final one
      I am human. 
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