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Title: When it comes to viewing alcoholism as a brain chemistry problem, though, the tide of mainstream medical opinion is clearly turning.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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7338 - Moscow - Bolotnaya Proshad - Children are the victims of adults' vices - Alcoholism (Photo credit: thisisbossi )  Last yea...
7338 - Moscow - Bolotnaya Proshad - Children a...
7338 - Moscow - Bolotnaya Proshad - Children are the victims of adults' vices - Alcoholism (Photo credit: thisisbossi)
 Last year the National Institutes of Health (NIH)'s Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism announced a five-year initiative to study the brain chemistry that underlies alcoholism. The NIH has also held several workshops that included presentations on using fatty acids to treat alcoholism. Another encouraging development is the recent appointment of Nora Volkow as director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse; her research has helped establish the importance of dopamine in addiction. Taken together, these changes suggest that brain chemistry may finally be achieving its rightful place at the center of addiction research.
But these changes won't amount to much if nutrition doesn't make it into the mainstream alcohol treatment programs where the majority of alcoholics seek help. "We need to engineer this at the establishment level," Beasley says. "This is very good science that simply isn't being practiced."
Kathi Tuff is proof positive that nutritional treatment has the power to turn a life around. "I feel so much better than I've ever felt," she says. "I just wanted the alcohol out of my system— and to stop wanting it. Finally, it feels like that's happened."
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