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Title: SEROTONIN SUPPORT GROUP DETOX Is a mutual support group for people who suffer from low Serotonin levels,
Author: Fraser Trevor
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 The Serotonin Support Group (SSG) Is a mutual support group for people who suffer from low Serotonin levels,  wishing to participate i...
 The Serotonin Support Group (SSG)
Is a mutual support group for people who suffer from low Serotonin levels,  wishing to participate in a support group that uses as one method a vitamin supplement as a method of replacement or addition to a diet to help the sufferer.
The historical basis of this form of nutritional treatment was discovered and researched by Bill Wilson of Alcoholics Anonymous and it is to promote this Legacy to persons who suffer from low serotonin uptake and depression that the Group was formed.Bill Wilson wished to add a step to the 12 he had produced for AA. We struggle to make that possible and fulfil his promise.

  • Eat 86 %  vegetables, 5%  organic fruits, and 5% some types of wild fish or wild/organic meat, organic or free range eggs or raw cheese and 3% other.
  • Drink an average of 8 cups water.
  • Breathe deeply, so that oxygen flows all through your body.
Vegetables: Heavy on the broccoli and the green leafy vegetables. Less of the purples, yellows, reds, orange, and whites, yet the variety added to the greens throughout the week will supply the body with necessities each supplies and make meals interesting. Very good detoxifiers are beets, cabbage, radishes, artichokes, broccoli, chlorella, spirulina, seaweed and cilantro. 
Fruit: A banana a day for bowel elimination + potassium. Heavy on the acid fruits as they are especially detoxifying; (red) grapefruit, lemons, tomatoes and pineapples and other citrus fruit and don't forget the blueberries. 
Search the following for quick detox meals :
Detox Breakfast Recipes
Detox Lunch Recipes
Detox Soup Recipes
Detox Salad Recipes
Essential fatty acids omega-3 foods
Nuts and seeds: handful of almond nuts, few walnuts at the end of a meal, and pumpkin seeds, freshly ground flaxseed.  And White fish , Tuna, Halibut, Trout as well as eggs sprinkled generously with Basil.
Make your meals interesting by adding  known anti inflammatories; Turmeric, oregano, garlic, ginger, blueberries and Cayenne (helps circulation). Adding foods that are pungent, bitter, salty, sour, and sweet are not only interesting for the taste buds, but also each are helpful to different organs. Don't forget the eyes love colors and different shapes and textures! 
Cook with grape seed oil for heat oil, and olive oil for cold such as for dressings, etc.
If bread is a must have use Rye breads 98% of the time.
Sweetener: A fruit will help the sugar craving. Stevia. Never use the neuro toxin sweeteners! If you must, go with real sugar...Just remember you are not the only one enjoying it, because it also feeds all your nasty bacteria's and fungus.
Water - drink more when eradicating the bacteria's, hot days, and active.
If you have a juicer: Juice organic lemons, okra, lettuce, celery, parsley, cucumbers, carrots, kale, chard, beet greens, beets, dandelion greens, spinach.. Heavy on the greens and citrus.
Detoxifying Teas:  make your own   Search
Dandelion Tea
Green Tea
Some find a small cup of black coffee stimulates bowel movement in morning before going to work. 
Apple Cider Tea
2 teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon honey (to taste)
16 ounces of boiling water 
Once a day
Cayenne Tea
In a large cup:
1 teaspoon  to 2 tablespoons Cayenne
Pour 2 cups of boiling water over it.
Sip.  Especially helpful when your body is cold and finding it difficult to warm yourself. Also, increases energy flow in the liver and gallbladder. 
Combine the Apple Cider Vinegar with Cayenne (no honey) Makes a nice warm drink.
The food you eat, during the day, will affect the quantity of minerals you require that particular day. 
Balance all your supplements and minerals for five weeks before adding other tinctures, herbs, etc. It may end up that your body will rebalance itself with a balance of vitamins and minerals alone.
->See Vitamins and minerals Here
Do anything you can to perspire
as toxins are eliminated through perspiration. (Foods with pungent flavor induce perspiration and promote energy circulation. (Chive, clove, coriander, ginger, parsley and peppermint.)
For an exercise in deep breathing Oxygen and sweating; Do brisk fast paced walking, running, jump rope, trampoline, yoga, sports, mow lawns, deliver papers ... move and  play daily for about an hour, or two half hours twice a day.
And, laugh heartily to give your belly a jiggle.
Can't move much? 
Inhale slowly as you count to ten.
Hold breath as you count to ten.
Exhale slowly as you count to ten. 
Repeat ten times.
Get plenty of rest when doing heavy duty detoxifying, most especially when coiling or taking MMS.
Sleep an average of eight hours to give your body time to heal and re-balance itself from the previous day's activities. Sleep in a cold room with lots of covers over you in the winter, good mattress, absolutely all light blocked from the room (including the glare from a glow in the dark clock), clean sheets, and  pillow cases, and possibly no tight sheets on your toes. Sometimes just one comforter, rather than a tucked-in top sheet. Avoid loose sheets that frustrate you when you become tangled, especially when you need to get up quick  to respond to an overactive bladder, you're weak, and you are in deep pain all over the place.
Take rests when your body calls for it. Sometimes a five minute nap is all you need for your body to catch up to itself.
-most especially side stretches for detoxing, but all muscles gently stretched from head to toe will make the body feel better.
Practice gratitude for what you do appreciate in your life today ....search until ye find. Say, "I am grateful for ____. " Find ten everyday.
Do "loving kindness" for your body/mind and also towards other people in your life. This segment of your road of life gives you the opportunity to learn to love your "self". Once you learn how to genuinely love you, then you will know how to love others without attachments.
Ask your favorite Divine Master(s)to aid in your recovery by to guiding you to what you require to permanently eliminate your dysfunction or/and to know how to lessen or eliminate some of your symptoms today and also to have the strength to completely let go of your dysfunction and its pay-offs. Involve these other-side helpers in all you do.
Harmony: Your ill body needs - lots of quiet and sometimes gentle music that is healing and harmonious to you.  As well, people around you who are pleasant. Since your body is eighty percent water it automatically becomes imprinted by sound, words, thoughts... Imprint your "inner water" with what is conducive to healing. See words on water.
Turn off the newscasts that feed negativity, fear, and division to imprint you.
Transcend from the heavy energies around you by trying to remain in the light energies of love, peace, harmony, joy, gratefulness, and healing. 
Look at your life straight on and come to peace with your situation and your life. (Emotions, feelings, behaviors, beliefs, and  your part in any disharmony that automatically depletes you)
Sing or hum - hopeful, cheerful, funny songs. Melodies create vibrations. Create vibrations your cells can dance to!
The fact is, music really does stir the soul. Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Cappon says there are both physiological and historical reasons for the powerful effects of the sound of music.  “The body actually absorbs music. Choral music like The Messiah penetrates the listener like cosmic consciousness. It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and calms the listener. On the other hand, military music, for some, or rock music for others, stimulates the adrenal glands and stirs up the listener”."
Music that resonates with your healing would be nice to give to your self .
Reduce stress by emphasizing more on positive emotions. Look for the cup half full rather then half empty. Be open to learning something new every day. See all others as your equals, no matter how odd they are..Just like you they have invisible and visible hurts and pains. Practice staying in the emotions of joyfulness, love, gratefulness, peacefulness, harmony for they are energy gains. 
Remove unnecessary stress in your environment: Example: Declutter, find a place for everything, organize your stuff including the fridge, financially live within your means and stay out of the dark heavy energies of bitterness, jealousy, hatred, and the likes as they are energy drains.
Laugh heartily:
It will express air from the lungs, quicken breath, your heart beat increases strengthening the immune system and reduces the levels of the stress creating hormones. It has a beneficial effect on your immune system, encourages the production of white blood cells and increases resistance to infection, relaxes facial muscles, lowers blood pressure, and reduces pain perception. Even faking laughter provides mental and physiological benefits.
Dream / Pray
Dream of all the fun, wonderful happenings you want to see, what you want to create, how you want to express what is in you. Hone the dreams as often as you have time. 
Pray believing it is so and feel how it feels to have that. See it in your mind as if it is so..as if it is already here. Inhale how it smells, if it applies. Hear it, if it applies. Taste its flavours, if it applies. Touch how it feels, if it applies.
It costs nothing to dream or to pray..only your efforts to imagine grandly!
Adopting a facial expression, whether it's genuine or feigned, can change a person's well being. Try it- Close your eyes, do not smile or frown, now scan your entire body to sense how it feels. Now, keeping your eyes closed, smile and sense how your entire body feels. 
Spend Time in Nature
Go outdoors amongst trees, flowers, or water for one hour, as often as possible.
Sit in quite and solitude, think only pleasant thoughts or just let your thoughts pass by with no censorship, preferably with eyes closed for 30 minutes to one hour daily, even five minutes will help to ground you.
Include people in your life who will listen to you as you talk out your frustrations and share your joys and then you generously listen and do the same for the other person on the phone or across the table from you. 
Or, start an email "pen pal" with a positive recovery email friend and support each other .
Reduce Pain Load
By making daily body detox part of your life. Eliminate the root cause of your pain. Help yourself  by  adding extra anti-inflammatory agent's such as  magnesium citrate, chlorophyl, glucosamine, grape seed extract, linseed and fish oils, chloride, bromelain, echinacea, ginger, golden seal, licorice, slippery elm and turmeric.
Self Esteem
Since Neuroborreliosis usually changes your life drastically you therefore must find, in spite of your disabilities, one thing that helps you maintain a  healthy self esteem
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