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Try to cast your mind back some thirty years.A well dressed but hopeless drunk is staggering out of a rough north eastern nightclub.The ...

Try to cast your mind back some thirty years.A well dressed but hopeless drunk is staggering out of a rough north eastern nightclub.The nightclub of notoriety is situated in an area known as over the border in a northern riverside English town. The street lights shimmering off the tarmac rushed towards me as I crumpled into unconsciousness my semi comatose head bouncing off the granite curb stones feeling like a gentle caress. Blackout, oblivion was were my advanced drunkenness always took me. The promise of the wondrous adventure filled illusion of inebriation had long since disappeared.

The idea that I could somehow manage alcohol or drugs had seemed irrelevant the inevitability of my condition overcame me I dimly felt hands rifleing threw my pockets. Hopelessly drunk I was incapable of doing anything even my bodily functions now took care of themselves. Death, whatever that was, would have been welcomed as yet another phase of insane bingeing ran its course. By know I was starting to understand that once I drank I had no control over the outcome.All the excuses had been used up and I was in utter bewilderment as to why my longtime friend alcohol had turned on me.Where had my friends disappeared to the illusion of conviviality and there happy company had long since disappeared.

The reality of my condition crashed into my befuddled brain I had used up all there excuses as well as mine and had become the unfunny court jester who continuosly embarrassed them with drunken brawling heaping abuse onto those closest to me.

 As the full reality of my condition became apparent to them all they deserted the sinking ship.The witty raconteaur had become the stinking drunk, bloated vomiting and unfunny.In this reality I sorted out dark places where I could identify with people like me.I sort the company of like minded others people who drank live me.The illegal blues clubs and shebeens the drinking dens haunted by police, prostitutes and criminals.I could not resist the call to visit once I had, had that first drink.It did not matter what it was for I had long since recognised that if it was a weak shandy or a double whisky the results would be exactly the same.It came as no surprise to be lying in the gutter blacked out for this had become the the usual outcome.

What did come as some surprise to me was to be sitting in the back of a taxicab.What had happened had I met with a good Samaritan for they where a rareity in this area of dockland. I was over the years after this to try many times to attempt to rationalise this answer out. Had some golden lady of the night rescued me doubtful but possible or a kindly taxi driver even more improbable.Yet here I was being dropped off outside my front door in a small suburban village. My eyes fearfully scanned the street for what had become the inevitable results of my binges a police car.I thanked the taxi driver and searched for my keys. No police car but now the guilt and remorse the terrible psychical withdrawal from alcohol gripped my being. I must have another drink as my skin started crawling and the stomach wrenching the vomit reflex took hold.

It was at this time I recognised that all the lights were on yet there was no one in the house.I stopped in the front hallway I glanced at the red flock wallpaper with the glistening remains of the whisky glass embedded in the wall catching the evidential reflection of the lights.Yes this was the right house.There was the drinks cupboard it was open nothing remained inside. Panic, fear my head whirled a neon red sign shown in my head NO DRINK.No drink nothing.I heard a car drive up my car, my wife. I scrabbled with my sanity needed to get what was left of the brain into gear.I wracked my brain for a solution something that would work something that would give one more drink anything.She was on the path give me an idea any idea nothing. The withdrawls were starting to kick in the tremors and uncontrollable shaking was starting with the first tremors my fingers twitched as the withdrawls started.Its just the start of  the hangover.You used the magic word that would start the withdrawl HANGOVER. I didn’t do hangovers anymore I just got sick, very sick very quickly. How the hell was I to get a drink I must have a drink.I needed a solution fast any solution.


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