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Title: One issue common to all types of addiction is an increasing tolerance to the mood-altering effects of the addict’s drug or behavior of choice.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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 Over time, addicts nearly always “find themselves” doing more and more of their drug or behavior of choice and/or turning to more intens...
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 Over time, addicts nearly always “find themselves” doing more and more of their drug or behavior of choice and/or turning to more intense substances or experiences to attain and maintain a similar level of arousal.
Consider, for instance, drug addiction. The simple fact is relatively few people shoot heroin right out of the gate. More often, drug addicts begin with some sort of relatively innocuous usage such as smoking marijuana or abusing a prescription medication. As time passes, their habits escalate – they start smoking pot around the clock or popping pills by the handful. Eventually, even that level of use doesn’t get (or keep) them high the way it used to. At some point they inevitably discover “harder” drugs like crystal meth, cocaine, and heroin, and they use these substances to make them feel as they did before. Initially they may sprinkle a little bit of cocaine or crystal meth into a joint, or mix a tiny bit of heroin into the pills they’ve learned to crush and snort (for faster effect). Without ever making a conscious decision to do so, they suddenly “find themselves” cooking and injecting their new drug of choice. This is escalation for drug addicts.
Sex addicts escalate their behavior patterns in a very similar fashion. For instance, occasional viewing and masturbating to softcore online pornography is typically regarded as an enjoyable and relatively harmless adult activity – innocuous – akin to drinking a beer or taking a few puffs off a joint. However, for people predisposed to impulsive, compulsive, and/or addictive behaviors, what begins as harmless recreation can over time become an all-consuming activity, pushing the user away from relationships, family, work, exercise, hobbies, and other life-affirming activities. Individuals who become addicted to porn can typically spend multiple hours per day viewing and masturbating to erotic images and videos. Often they find themselves looking at and being turned on by increasingly more intense and/or bizarre imagery – sexual acts that didn’t interest them (and maybe even disgusted them) when they started out. This is escalation for a process addict.
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