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Title: Examine the subject of brain plasticity.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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English: A healthy brain compared to a brain suffering from Alzheimer's Disease (Photo credit: Wikipedia )  In this field of study,...
English: A healthy brain compared to a brain s...
English: A healthy brain compared to a brain suffering from Alzheimer's Disease (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 In this field of study, it is shown that if we do not learn new things over time our brain becomes lazy and thinking is eventually affected and memory problems such as old-age forgetfulness, dementia and Alzheimer’s manifest. The inelastic brain is similar to a map containing many tracks of all the things we learned long ago. When we do not learn new things, we traverse over the same track repeatedly and this creates a rut that reduces the health of the brain. Over time, this causes the brain to lose elasticity and results in disease like dementia. The offered cure to increase plasticity of the brain is for us to learn new skills and new ways to respond to life and problem solving to increase the number of tracks. This does work, but I think there is a better way to encourage plasticity or increased elasticity of the brain.
I think the most efficient way to increase brain plasticity is by erasing what we already know, not by learning something new. I think the most flexible, intelligent, intuitive and healthy brain is one with little or no programming. When energy is diverted from activating the personality by stopping thinking, then the neuron mapping of the old tracks that keep the thinking personality in place are broken down. The more we do this non-doing activity, the more the neurons branch out, like infinitely expanding fractals, and the more flexible our mind and body becomes. As our brain and body become more elastic, our insight increases and we can respond spontaneously and creatively rather than only in conditioned ways.
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