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Title: I Love My Outlaw Biker Dad by Lisa Christie Perry
Author: Fraser Trevor
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I am so proud of my Dad’s many accomplishments. Besides being part of bringing me and my sisters into the world, he lived life honestly and ...

I am so proud of my Dad’s many accomplishments. Besides being part of bringing me and my sisters into the world, he lived life honestly and to its fullest. Dad was a cop. For the last 30 years a member of a motorcycle club that his employer labelled an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.

I have always been in awe of my Dad, so much so that I decided, early in life, to follow in his footsteps and call the motorcycle lifestyle mine. It was not easy, to say the least. On occasion, I would watch my father stand up in front of a large class and teach how to be a cop. On occasion, I would watch my dad get up in front of a large group of club members, and in doing so, quiet the crowd so you could hear a pin drop. Although I was already very familiar with his presence at home, mostly “lectures”, the way be commanded respect was captivating. His ability to hold the attention of any large group was remarkable. I’d constantly be whispering to my fellow attendees, “Pssst - That’s my dad!”. I was so proud.

My dad’s constant guidance, support and encouragement and his devotion to his family has made me the person I am today. I cannot find the right words to express how thankful and blessed I am for having such an incredible father there to guide me through life.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been honoured and humbled by the outpouring of personal emails that people have sent me. They always leave me in tears, reminding me how useful Dad will be in God's House.

Now, my Dad made it pretty clear that I shouldn’t fire off verbal grenades and not have the fortitude to accept another's opinion. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a different opinion than someone else he insisted. Dad encouraged me (and my sisters) to have a voice, and to always put my name with my words. That ensured (mostly) that I would consider the words, then take ownership of them.

Dad lived his words. In later life he wrote columns for a number of publications. Being an equal opportunity critic, he would give equal airtime to both law enforcement and his club when they deserved it. He strived, you see, to hold both institutions to the same standards of honesty and moral conduct he lived.

The moniker, outlaw motorcycle club seems to be a concern to some. Let me tell you exactly what I think about my Dad being in an 'outlaw motorcycle club'.

Ever since I was born, Dad has been involved with his club. Many times he would take me with him: for rides, meetings, and events. This is mainly a riding club where motorcycle enthusiasts join up each week and ride together to different locations. It was a lot of fun, and is a good way to get to know each other. And for the most part, this group of people are just wonderful: the men, women and the children. 

Now, without getting in specifics, I will say that the one thing that is NOT lacking in this club is honour. Men never hit on my mom, my sisters or me behind my dad’s back. One thing that you have to understand about motorcycle clubs, or any clubs for that matter, is that trust has to be the central point.

My dad was no fool. He desired the camaraderie he experienced in his police work, and didn't want to be without that important element in any part of his life. And along came 'The Motorcycle Club of all clubs'. 

My Dad, like most of us, are big on first impressions. I’ve learned over the course of many years that I need to gather more information before deciding yay or nay on something. My oldest sister Beth is exactly like me in that regard. She sat back, running her little bar, and watching the club's men and their women who came calling. And after some very kind and open conversations with one or hundred of them — Yes, she decided that the majority were really nice people who maintained the structure of the honour system. 

I’d been told we women should never ask the men questions, and in one fell swoop, my Dad invalidated that theory. In fact, club members let me ask the questions that I’m sure others would be offended by, and you know what? - they gently answered every single one of my questions honestly and openly. 

Then, I got to see up close and personal just how protective these so called, Outlaws are with their young, and anyone else’s children as well. I laugh because for all the jokes about them being dumb criminals, I find this lot of people pretty damn honest and intelligent. And I watched a convicted child molester try to join. Guess what? He didn’t get very far. They have this uncanny ability to sniff out the people who hurt the innocent, and he was sent packing. I’ve watched serial adulterers try to join, thinking the women would be easier to lay, and not surprisingly, those guys are gone too. I’ve watched liars try to join or lie and try to stay a member, and yes, they were escorted away from the family. In fact, I have to say that I know hundreds of bikers at varying levels of their walks with God. So much for judging books by their covers.

I also have watched over the years this code they live by. No lying. If you get caught lying, you’re on your way out. No stealing from a brother…You steal, you’re out. Need some help - they are givers, even if it is just their talents they have to give. My home is nice, neat, and well-maintained because of this family we are in. In turn, I take a lot of photos, and am reasonable good at it, and have had the occasion to provide those to club family members over the years. There is no cheating with other brother’s wives…You get caught, it isn’t allowed and you won’t be staying in the family. They don’t condone it and will handle their business. 

In other words, this motorcycle club taught me the meaning of honour and holding themselves to a higher standard. So, please, people like Vancouver Sun reporter Kim Bolan spare us. Unless you are in it, don’t preach to me about who I should be hanging around with. 

Hope this sets things straight - as far as my opinion goes. You don’t have to agree with me, and I’m not looking for that anyway.

My sisters and I are very proud of the accomplishments our father achieved in his 35-plus years in law enforcement, in his club for more than 30 years. But we are most proud of him as a Father. He raised us girls when our mother died - I was 2 and my youngest sister was 18 months old. It was his love, support and guidance that has given us the skill sets needed to succeed not only in relationships, but in every aspect of our lives. Thanks Dad.

We love you!

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