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Title: Bill W Utilized Niacin, Vitamin B3 to Stop Alcoholism
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Bill Wilson has helped hundreds of thousands of people with alcoholism. He was in fact the co-founder of Aa and was obviously a brilliant ma...

Bill Wilson has helped hundreds of thousands of people with alcoholism. He was in fact the co-founder of Aa and was obviously a brilliant man. He’s well-known for creating the 12 steps of recovery for alcohol addiction. The twelve steps are now utilized in a variety of addiction programs around the globe.

Regardless of the success of Aa, Bill Wilson was always trying to find methods to help his other alcoholics and stop alcohol. One of the main areas of concern for him was the truth that he and the majority of the people of Alcoholics Anonymous continued to possess intolerable physical cravings for alcoholic beverages even after being sober for some time. Actually, it’s a commonly recognized fact that he struggled with terrible intervals of major depression. Even though he and other people had many years of sobriety, they were not well physically. This really is simply because most alcoholics are afflicted by nutrional defiencies and hypoglycemia, the fundamental causes of alcoholism.

Wilson additionally suffered from anxiousness, stress and exhaustion but was still by some means in a position to perform. This took enormous effort on his part, so he continued to search for ways to cure his issues. He had discovered a lot about nutrition and its results around the human body. In fact, he became informed with the many research that have been done corresponding to alcoholism and diet dating back towards the early 1950’s.

Utilizing what he had discovered about nutrition, Bill Wilson decided to start taking Niacin, that is also known as vitamin B3. He took 3000 milligrams each day for 2 weeks and all his signs and symptoms vanished. He was happy at his discovery and set out to inform everyone in Alcoholics Anonymous. Wilson knew that he had discovered the solution why a lot of alcoholics relapse after getting sober.

The reality with the matter is the fact that an alcoholic is not very well physically. They usually have severe nutritional insufficiencies that need being resolved. These insufficiencies are definitely the fundamental trigger of alcohol cravings. Essentially, in an effort to self-medicate to obtain relief from the horrible signs and symptoms, the alcoholic automatically turns to the factor that works best – alcohol. It offers immediate temporary relief.

However, when an alcoholic doesn’t deal with the root nutritional issues, consuming alcohol only starts off a vicious loop that results in much more out of control drinking. Bill Wilson recognized this and did a lot more tests.

This time, he got 30 other members of Alcoholics Anonymous and began providing all of them Niacin to stop alcoholism. Following one month, the symptoms went away for ten individuals. After 2 months, another 10 people had exactly the same result. The last 10 individuals did not really feel much better even following three months.

Bill Wilson at this point had evidence that nutritional therapy to stop alcoholism actually worked. He became extremely excited and presented this to Aa. Nevertheless, when he introduced his findings to the International Board of Aa, they refused to acknowledge them. The physicians on the board became upset with Bill Wilson and expressed that it was not right for him to create this kind of statements since he wasn’t a professional medical physician.

So, when shown how you can stop alcoholism, the medical professionals decided to protect their personal interests rather than disclose a solution to millions of individuals. This is a catastrophe and more people need to know that there’s an improved way to stop alcoholism.

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