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Title: Recovery through the AA program is simple.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Sobriety medallion (Photo credit: annrkiszt )  It needs little interpretation in itself. It will work if we live it. The barriers to s...
Sobriety medallion
Sobriety medallion (Photo credit: annrkiszt)
 It needs little interpretation in itself. It will work if we live it. The barriers to success are ignorance of our illness, reservations, indifference, dishonesty, and brain damage.
AA is not religion. It is not accountable to organized religion, medicine, or psychology. AA has, however, drawn therapeutic virtues from these disciplines, molding them into a “design for living” by which we can live in contented sobriety and be restored to service and respect in society.
The AA program is designed for uncontrolled drinkers who sincerely desire sobriety and are willing to go to any length to get it. But the program invariably fails alcoholics who merely seek knowledge to control their drinking.
Stringent honesty is an absolute requirement of rehabilitation. An urgent desire to get well and a belief in a Power greater than ourselves are also essential to success.
Spiritual concepts must be embraced, but these do not involve organized religion. Although we must believe in this Higher Power, it is our privilege to interpret it according to our understanding.
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