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Title: Nothing. Doing nothing.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Hanging by a moment (Photo credit: Chapendra ) The conclusion we reached in Step 10 was that its main purpose is to make us  aware t...
Hanging by a moment
Hanging by a moment (Photo credit: Chapendra)
The conclusion we reached in Step 10 was that its main purpose is to make us 
aware that in each and every situation we encounter, we know neither what we should do nor 
how to obtain the power to do it.  In an odd sense, the results of working Step 10 are peculiarly 
negative.  We examine our thoughts and feelings, we determine what it is that we want to do, 
even while realizing that doing what we want would probably damage ourselves and other 
people.  We come to see that if we attempt to refrain from doing what it is that we want to do, 
using self-will, we will inevitably fail.  And yet – as we involve ourselves in this very practice of 
accepting that we are powerless even to determine what is right, never mind finding the power to 
do it – we find that we are miraculously given the knowledge of what to do and the power to do 
it.  And this is something we can  – or should – experience moment by moment.  Moment by 
moment we are aware of what we are thinking and what we are feeling.  Moment by moment we 
accept that we do not know what we should do.  Moment by moment we are powerless to do 
what we should do, even if we were aware of what that was.  And yet – miraculously – moment 
by moment we seem to be told what to do and to be given the power to carry that out.  This is the 
“linkage” between Steps 10 and 11 that the Twelve and Twelve talks about.   Through momentby-moment inspiration and intuition, Something other than ourselves directs us and gives us the 
power that we simply cannot summon up on our own.
So much for the moment-by-moment practice of Step 10.  But this very process which we 
have discovered in our study of Step 10 and summarized above also points directly to what the 
practice of meditation  – that meditation which we practice alone or in the company of other 
people at a specific time of the day – should probably involve.
Nothing.  Doing nothing.
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