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Title: In order to increase their chances of enjoying the best possible life in sobriety the individual should: dealing with character flaws is a lifetime’s work.
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AA Big Book (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Understand that there is no graduation day in recovery. So long as they are still breathing the...
AA Big Book
AA Big Book (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • Understand that there is no graduation day in recovery. So long as they are still breathing there are likely to be things they can improve upon – dealing with character flaws is a lifetime’s work.
  • The individual should never put anything before their sobriety. This is because if they relapse they will likely lose everything anyway.
  • The best way to approach life is with a beginner’s mind, and this means not allowing preconceived beliefs and knowledge to get in the way of learning new things. The individual should approach life with an open mind.
  • It is best if people can chart their progress in recovery so as to ensure that they remain on track. One effective way of doing this is to maintain a daily journal – this can be also used for setting goals for the future.
  • Many individuals have found that practices such as meditation are a wonderful asset in recovery. This is because it allows the individual to gain a better understanding of their internal landscape, and the things that drive them – mindfulness meditation is particularly good for this.
  • Getting the most out of life is all about finding balance. This means having a mix of physical, mental, and spiritual activities in life.
  • The most common regret that people have on their death bed is that they failed to spend enough time with family and friends. It is wise to always put human contact ahead of possessions and achievements because ultimately these things do not matter.
  • Helping other people is one of the most rewarding things that anyone can do in recovery. Once the individual feels strong enough in sobriety they should try to help other people – this is not done out of a sense of duty but because it can be just so rewarding in itself.
  • Facing failure is an inevitable part of being alive, and it is best if the individual looks upon these as a chance to grown. The only real failure is the person who gives up trying.
  • In Alcoholics Anonymous they talk about how pain is the touchstone of growth. The good times in life are there to be enjoyed, but it is only really when people are in pain that they grow.
  • If the individual faces each of problems that comes their way in life honestly, and tries the best they can, they will develop an increasing ability to cope with life. Eventually the person will become so good at this that they will enjoy serenity most of the time.
  • If the individual is doing things that make them feel guilty it means they should stop doing these things. If they ignore their sense of guilt it will only lead them to misery.
  • Many people have found that in order to get the most out of recovery they had to develop a greater connection with the spiritual. This does not mean that the individual needs to embrace any particular religion, and they don’t even have to believe in a god – they just need to be in awe of the mysterious inherent in the universe.
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