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Title: How Gratitude Helps You Sleep At Night
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Linda Wasmer Andrews talks about how research has proven that the more a person practices gratitude the greater the benefits to the mind ...
Linda Wasmer Andrews talks about how research has proven that the more a person practices gratitude the greater the benefits to the mind and body including a restful night's sleep. The article also has easy ideas for beginning to practice gratitude. When you pray or meditate the mind relaxes and actually begins to change for the better. In The Seven Best Gratitude Quotes Dr. Melanie Greenberg discusses how meditation, (prayer is a form of meditation for those who aren't comfortable meditating), can have positive affects on the mind and body along with its association with gratitude. (See also: How Thoughts Affect Your Health.)

Dr. Herbert Benson had discovered almost 40 years ago that relaxation can actually change the structure of a gene, (watch, Relaxation Revolution) and more recent studies continue to prove these findings. Our thoughts delegate how we feel not only emotionally but physically. Electrical impulses come from our brain with every thought, shooting through our nervous system, and sending messages to every one of our cells and our cells regenerate based on that thought and as we change how we feel and how our body feels along with the electrical energy our body outputs, we are affecting those around us. This is why you can "feel" someone that has a negative energy or positive energy or you just feel down when you are around negative people and enjoy the company of happy people. If we focus on what is wrong with our life or the world around us we are perpetuating the cycle. Are there terrible things that have happened and are happening? Absolutely! and they should be acknowledged; but we all have a conscious choice to dwell on these things or do something positive about them. This goes back to the old saying, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all". Criticism can be constructive and doesn't need to be destructive.

Of course, it is therapeutic to discuss trauma and get the proper therapy for any trauma and there are important issues that must be brought to the public's attention but there is a fine line between having trauma shape who you are and allowing it to define who you are, (or we as a society). Any change we want to see must begin within, as my favorite quote of all time states, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mohandas Gandhi
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