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Title: Healthy organizations are voluntary associations where people collaborate to work out their ideas with a shared purpose and specific goal.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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the power of groups (Photo credit: Will Lion ) Everyone is free to criticize and hold different opinions from that of the group’s leade...
the power of groups
the power of groups (Photo credit: Will Lion)
Everyone is free to criticize and hold different opinions from that of the group’s leadership. Differences of opinion are welcomed and respected. There is no psychological pressure to conform and no atmosphere of enforced uniformity. Members view themselves as a part of society in general involved in a group for practical and limited reasons. Members spend only a reasonable part of their spare time in group activities and enjoy a completely separate family, social and professional life. Healthy groups are democratic in practice and not just in theory. Members are free to come and go as they please. They participate as they wish, without feeling excessive guilt or shame for not attending meetings, donating time or money. Nobody fears any physical or psychological reprimand for missing meetings or refusing tasks. Members put their personal needs first and are able to differentiate those from the needs of the group. They decide for themselves their relations with the group and are able to reassess their level of commitment and also leave the group without creating a major personal crisis or conflict with the group
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