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Title: Goodbye William and Farewell, a friend I never met you but you contributed widely to my blogs.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Goodbye William and Farewell . William Perry is dead. Long live William Perry. I can’t imagine an Irishman truer to his soul than Willi...

Goodbye William and Farewell

William Perry is dead. Long live William Perry. I can’t imagine an Irishman truer to his soul than William Perry.
William wrote as honestly as I have ever read a man write. A former preacher; a former cop; a motorcycle enthusiast and a lover of love, beautiful women, sex, friends, food, wine, great literature, travel and living life to the dregs … William walked tall among us.
I first encountered William when he began sending me unsolicited pieces that he sent to newspapers all over BC in a simple and relentless attempt to be published.

Sister Taffy
Cutting Through The Crap

At first my old newspaper editor’s instincts governed me and I ignored him.
“If no one else is publishing him … why should I?” I thought, using impeccable old school newspaper thinking.
Then I read one of his submissions from start to finish.
William had a way of cutting to the heart of the matter and exhibiting not a care in the world about what people might think of him for his opinions that made it impossible for me to ignore him. It was also the reason his writing was unpalatable to the old newspaper media.
We had our fights, our disputes, our arguments but William had the charm of a true Irishman and, when he transgressed he almost made me feel sorry for pointing it out.

An Irishman Through And Through

I knew the prick was playing me but, like a true Irishman, he let me win the fights he didn’t care to and lived to go on writing.
Writing was clearly his passion, Long before he knew he was dying it was clear that William didn’t give a damn about what people might think.
He cared only that the truths he had discovered be shared whether with friends, enemies or posterity … he cared little once he had written.
From a purely selfish point of view William has provided Today Media with a wonderful catalogue of travel stories, opinion pieces, essays, columns, recipes and titillating explorations of subjects not usually discussed in newspapers.

Indian Larry
An Honest Man

I have no qualms about telling William I think I’ve benefited more than he has from our relationship. But then, Irish charmer that he is, he would have predicted that.
William wrote about the porn industry, police brutality, native rights, students’ rights, life, death, dying and the one love he was lucky enough to enjoy at the end of his life – travel.
He has written some of the most eloquent, incisive and well researched pieces on America, Canada, Europe and the daily grind of traveling with a motorbike in your crotch that I’ve ever read.
Nudism, atheism, spirituality, faith, religion, politics, music, art … there isn’t a subject he shied away from.
It is somehow fitting that among the articles he sent us last August, just prior to a near miss he had with death while traveling in the UK, he wrote about wage theft and how to become a porn star.
In every story William showed a depth of love and respect for those about whom he wrote that identifies his style and the substance of what he wrote.

Simza and Tshilaba
Shared Intimacies

Through his writing we met his friends, his lovers, his family and those he met along the way. Unadorned, naked, honest and ours for the sharing.
A lesser man would have fumbled in the attempt to share his intimacies so freely but William pulled it off.
When he discovered he was dying he continued to write. He had a moment of weakness when, somewhere between Great Britain and Spain he asked me to to trash all of his articles and forget he had ever existed.
I promised to do so if he would only reconsider and realize that his writing was his testament, the record he was leaving behind for those who had no more intimate memory of his existence.

Skinny dipping while biking

He agreed, allowed me to keep his writing alive and went on to chronicle his dying days touring Europe with friends, family and loved ones.
At the end he shared the most awful, terrifying and personal moments with columns about dying.
His family and friends are owed a great gift of gratitude from all of us for sharing this wonderful man with us and allowing us into his world which included all of you.
He loved you dearly.
Perhaps his greatest gift, beyond his humanity and his tremendous talent as a raconteur, is the gift he has given us, not of his own writing, but in that of his granddaughter, Kayle, and his daughter Lisa who still write for us, and through their writing, they keep his spirit alive and with us always.
Wherever you are William Perry know this … a worthy man lived among us and in facing his final trial exhibited bravery, lust and fire as only a true Irishman could.
William Perry is dead. Long live William Perry.
I will miss you.

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