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Title: Daily sobriety is the simple aim of AA.
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AA Big Book (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) But plain sobriety is not enough. We must acquire honesty, humility, appreciation, and kill s...
AA Big Book
AA Big Book (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
But plain sobriety is not enough. We must acquire honesty, humility, appreciation, and kill self-centeredness to keep sober.
For those who are willing to accept the AA program as a means of recovery from alcoholism, we recommend a close study of Alcoholics Anonymous. Study it repeatedly.
Alcoholics Anonymous has all our answers; it was written by alcoholics for alcoholics and is based on the trials and experiences of the first one hundred Alcoholics Anonymous members. They worked out a recovery program that has proved to be sound and effective in the lives of millions of alcoholics.
By using this as our textbook, regularly attending AA meetings, and referring to the interpretations of the Twelve Steps as we progress, we will lay a strong foundation upon which we can rehabilitate our lives.
We are not disturbed by the realization that strict adherence to this program demands perfection. We know perfection is impossible. We merely strive toward perfecting ourselves in a way of life that is necessary to bring contented sobriety, health, and sane behavior to alcoholics who wish to recover from the fatal and incurable illness, alcoholism.
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