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The Man Who Quit Smoking (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Tap into everything you’ve learned about recovery from addiction in 12 Step pro...
The Man Who Quit Smoking
The Man Who Quit Smoking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Tap into everything you’ve learned about recovery from addiction in 12 Step programs.
If someone wants to use these steps and have not done a 12 step program before it would be a good idea to take each step and write out ideas and thoughts on each one- a journal is a great thing.  Don't just think it through- write it down- it is great to be able to look at your thoughts now and later. Just take each step, maybe one a day or one a week ,depending on when your quit date is- and just work each step and write about your thoughts on each one-it is very powerful I assure you.   
Apply each of the 12 Steps to your smoking addiction.
     Find a sponsor, someone who has quit smoking and can offer you support when you need it.
     Avoid perfectionism in breaking the habit.
     Identify your smoking patterns, choose 1 patter a week, and break it (put off that 1st cigarette in the morning; quit smoking in meetings, in the car, after meals, on the phone)
     Don’t quit forever--just quit for a day.
     Tell your family, friends, and co-workers that you are quilting.
     Make each cigarette a decision--bring it to your conscious mind, rather than allowing the unthinking, repetitive behavior.
     Start working each Step of the Program and use your Higher Power to the best of your ability. 
     Pick a day to quit--and quit. It’s time to enjoy life!
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