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Title: Nicotine Addiction Symptoms
Author: Fraser Trevor
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What are the symptoms? Answer the following questions as honestly as you can: 1. Do you use nicotine every day?______ 2. Do you use nicotine...

What are the symptoms?

Answer the following questions as honestly as you can:

1. Do you use nicotine every day?______

2. Do you use nicotine because of shyness and to build up self-confidence?______

3. Do you use nicotine to escape from boredom and worries while under pressure?_______

4. Have you ever burned a hole in your clothes, carpet, furniture or car?_______

5. Have you ever had to go to the store late at night or at another inconvenient time because you were out of nicotine?________

6. Do you feel defensive or angry when people tell you that your tobacco use is bothering them? ________

7. Has a doctor or dentist suggested that you stop smoking or chewing tobacco?______

8. Have you promised someone that you would stop usingnicotine, then broken your promise?________

9. Have you felt physical or emotional discomfort when trying to quit?_______

10. Have you successfully stopped using nicotine for a period of time only to start again?_______

11. Do you buy extra supplies of tobacco to make sure you won’t run out?________

12. Do you find it difficult to imagine life without using nicotine?_______

13. Do you choose only activities and entertainments such that you can use nicotine during them?_______

14. Do you prefer, seek out or feel more comfortable in the company of nicotine users?________

15. Do you inwardly despise or feel ashamed of yourself because of your nicotine use?_________

16. Do you ever find yourself lighting up or chewing tobacco without having consciously decided to?_______

17. Has your nicotine use caused trouble at home or in a relationship?_______

18. Do you smoke in the presence of children or nonsmokers despite the health risks to them?________

19. Do you ever tell yourself that you can stop using nicotine whenever you want to?_________

20. Have you ever felt that your life would be better if you didn’t use nicotine?_________

21. Do you continue to use nicotine even though you are aware of the health hazards posed by tobacco use?______

If you answered “yes” to one or two of these questions, there is a chance that you are addicted or are becoming addicted to nicotine. If you answered “yes” to three or more, you are probably already addicted to nicotine.

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