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Title: Gratitude the secret to life becoming truly magical
Author: Fraser Trevor
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What I often do if I am going through a difficult patch, is to meditate on the quality of gratitude and think of all the wonderful thi...
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What I often do if I am going through a difficult patch, is to meditate on the quality of gratitude and think of all the wonderful things that have happened to me in my life, all the gifts and blessings I have received, (so many of which, because I was so unconscious at the time, I was not fully able to appreciate.) I like to image a large lighted room in the middle of my heart, with a big fire burning in it and see myself sitting in that room surrounded by all the gifts and benefits that have come to me in my life, all the wonderful people that have contributed so much in their different ways to making my life so rich. From this place my prayer becomes one vast ‘Thank you God’. And in this process my heart can become as big as a mountain, and joy and gratitude can sing out from every pore of my being. The bigger my heart becomes, the more of the world ‘out there’ it is able to embrace, the more my sense of family can grow to encompass all of humanity, and the easier it becomes to understand and relate to people very different to myself. As this expansion happens, and as I become more than ‘just a person’, my personal difficulties begin to shrink.

I think a lot of our pain can increase because we use it as a signal or an excuse to shut down – to numb off and not feel . And what this does is that it diminishes us by putting us out of touch with ourselves. Thus the us viewing us becomes a reduced us, an us shut off from that vital ingredient inside each of us that can enable us all to digest, make meaning of and celebrate whatever we are experiencing. When our hearts grow small and closed, they become hard and empty, and thus the life we see out there is also hard and empty. That philosopher who pronounced life only to be ‘Nasty, brutish and short’ was possibly not one of the world’s greatest celebrators of the magic of being

If we choose to live all aspects of our spiritual life in as open-hearted a way as possible - which means that we remember to think about the good times in the middle of difficult times, and we also don’t forget the difficult times when we are on a roll, (remembering that in the Yin Yang symbol, the light exists within the dark and the dark within the light) - then life truly becomes magical. The light inside us truly lights it up. No longer is a crisis the reason to put our ‘real life’ on hold until it is over; instead we see it as an integral part of our real life and as such, we choose to live it as fully and as passionately as any other part of our existence.

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