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Fraser Trevor Fraser Trevor Author
Title: Emotional Benefits of Being Free of Smoking:
Author: Fraser Trevor
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You can now begin to sort out your emotional attachment to your "best friend" - the one who is betraying you. Your nicotine-drench...

You can now begin to sort out your emotional attachment to your "best friend" - the one who is betraying you. Your nicotine-drenched brain has made it difficult for you to evaluate your feelings about cigarettes.

You were forced to say you enjoyed them, because in all other matters you are a rational being. And why would a rational being who recognizes that smoking is unpleasant, irritating, and harmful do it anyway? Many people admit that they often smoke against their own will.

Now number in order of priority the emotional benefits of quitting smoking you will get minutes after you break free:

Smoking Statistics 
You have improved your self-image. 
You have put yourself in charge of your life. 
You have a feeling of accomplishment and self-respect. 
You are becoming happier, less depressed. 
Never again will you have to plan every activity around cigarette smoking. 
Never again will you have to make excuses, or feel guilty about needing cigarettes. 
Never again will you have to go back into the house to be sure all cigarettes are extinguished. 
Never again will you have to take inventory of smoking paraphernalia before you leave your home or office. 
Now you can hold on to the excitement of being a winner and bask in a sense of well-being.

Personal Social Benefits
In addition to the physical and emotional benefits, think of the social benefits that take place immediately after you quit smoking. Number in order of priority some of the social benefits that you will enjoy:

You now project an image of self-control that is not available to smokers. 
Your house, car, and clothes don't smell of cigarettes. 
You will have more time to devote to family and friends. 
You will not become a burden on your family members because of illnesses related to smoking cigarettes. 
When smokers are confronted with the harsh reality of the problems - both health related and social - that their smoking habit brings for themselves and others, the majority admit that they have always intended to become non-smokers, but that there has always been an excuse to put it off to a “better time”.

All smokers' energy levels are depleted because of lack of oxygen in the bloodstream. Oxygen levels decrease by about 15 percent when smoking, to be replaced by carbon monoxide.

When you become a non-smoker your energy levels will increase and your senses will be heightened, especially your sense of taste and sense of smell as your nasal passages clear.


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