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Title: A very different kind of power source. TOUGH LOVE
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Tough Love (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) If the spiritual seeker is to be effective in his spiritual journeying today, there  ...
Tough Love (TV series)
Tough Love (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If the spiritual seeker is to be effective in his spiritual journeying today, there  can be nothing passive and  gooey about the way he chooses to love. Indeed, there will be times when we will need to practise what is known as ‘tough love’. This implies that we  be able to take powerful stands for truths we believe in, yet  do so  in a tender  and gentle way where no one is harmed in the process. ( Being harmless, we remind ourselves, is not being ineffective. On the contrary. Things get achieved, yet not at the expense of anyone or anything being damaged.)
The art, therefore,  is for the seeker to be accepting and loving  of himself . This means not putting himself down for his mistakes and vulnerabilities – or for not being perfect -  a terrible habit which does nothing to assist his development, yet at the same time,  also be  firm and self-disciplined. This means that he does not let himself ‘get away’ with doing things in an unconscious way , or  that he does not  abnegate responsibility for his life  or blame others for his shortcomings. If he can be this way with himself, then he can relate to others in a similar way. And this in turn implies  his beginning to operate from  a very different kind of power source.
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