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Title: So I will give you one meditation
Author: Fraser Trevor
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So I will give you one meditation.... Every night before going to bed, just sit in your bed, put the light off. Close your eyes, relax your ...

So I will give you one meditation.... Every night before going to bed, just sit in your bed, put the light off. Close your eyes, relax your body and then just feel that the whole room is full of golden mist... as if gold mist is falling all around.

Mm? just visualise it for one minute with closed eyes – golden mist falling. And within a few days you will be able to see the whole room becoming luminous in your vision. Then inhale and feel that that golden mist is being inhaled deep in your heart. Your heart is just void, empty, and that golden mist goes into it, fills the heart.

Then exhale: again feel that that golden mist is going out and that your heart is again becoming empty, void, nothing inside. This gold mist filling the heart, your inner being, and then emptying it – just like exhalation, inhalation. With inhalation you fill it; with exhalation you empty it.

This you do for five, seven minutes, and then simply go to sleep. But when you go to sleep, always go to sleep when you are empty, not when you are full of the gold mist. Empty yourself and go to sleep. And you will have a very different quality of sleep – more of the void, more of nothingness, more of non-being. In the morning you will open your eyes feeling as if you have been in a totally different land... as if you have disappeared.

In the morning before you get out of bed, sit again: for five minutes repeat the same process. But when you get out of the bed, get out full of gold mist. Going to sleep, go when you are empty; getting out of the bed, be full of the mist.

Hold the gold mist inside and get out, and the whole day you will feel a subtle energy flowing in you, a very golden energy. In the night become empty, in the day become full: let the day be a day of fullness and the night a night of emptiness.

This is for now, and when you come next time, remind me – then the next step. I will tell you the next step so you can remember, but don’t try it now....

The next step will be that you simply remain a watcher. The gold mist comes in; you are a watcher. Fill your heart – you are a watcher; emptying out of your heart – you are a watcher. You are neither: neither day nor night, neither emptiness nor fullness, just a witness. But that is a second step.

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